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About Unity Wellness Group

About the founder

Unity founder and former marketing executive turned wellness educator, Kristin Deyle, knows firsthand the stress of balancing life in a demanding career. While working 80-hour workweeks in fast-paced marketing roles at Fortune 500 companies and global marketing agencies, Kristin witnessed continuous and costly employee turnover.  She also noticed that many times these employees were highly valued and really enjoyed their jobs – a lot! They simply needed what she calls “A Stress Reduction Intervention.”

“I saw many talented team members in highly valued roles get to the point where the stress cycle was so bad that quitting felt like their only option” said Kristin. “It sounds crazy but when you are carrying so much on your plate with no end in sight—or way to manage or release stress, this is a split-second path taken. Then there’s a population of employees who hum on at a burned out pace letting productivity slide. I wanted to provide solutions that remedy both of these scenarios. I want to help companies strengthen the relationship and health of their employees so they can both succeed.”

Founded on a need and a dream

While on work hiatus after giving birth to her daughter, Kristin had an epiphany in yoga class following Savasana, a final relaxation pose that often concludes a Hatha yoga class. She experienced a tension release so profound it inspired her to pursue her yoga teacher’s certification. “My first thought was a sincere appreciation and gratefulness for the process of yoga.  I felt years of tension slide away I didn’t realize I was carrying. My second thought was just how valuable this skill would have been to me when I was running a department.” That event spurred a dream, and, ultimately a business that would do just that.  “Letting go of tension and using mind-body connection to optimize our health is a learned skill we all NEED in life to be happy and resilient.”

Kristin has a solid business background with over 25 years of marketing and business management experience. She led the launch of many high profile marketing and product campaigns for GE, 3 Com, Sears, Citibank and Bank of America, to name a few.  Moreover, in addition to this, she often looked for additional responsibility in staff development and training and even explored adjunct professor teaching roles for a brief period of time.

Kristin graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in business administration.  After working for several years in marketing she went on to receive a master’s in Integrated Marketing. She received her Hatha yoga certification from Santosha School of Yoga in Rhode Island in 2008. She is a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Kristin was recently name “Top Ten Entrepreneurs of 2020” by Industry Era Magazine.

Next Era

Dan Turner has taken over the Unity Wellness Group and he couldn’t be more excited to move the company forward. The new era under Dan is to focus on the company being a boutique agency that has a focus of business, schools and athletes.

Dan did business turnarounds for a Fortune 500 company prior to acquiring this group. He did so with changing mindsets of employees and often had the lowest turnover in a company with approximately 300 locations.

Dan is a former professional athlete and has been nominated for awards for his work done in the type 2 diabetes community.

Reach us at 310 594-7946

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