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Stress costs companies billions of dollars in medical, disability claims and productivity losses.  As a result, Stress Reduction Wellness Programs are now a critical investment for successful companies. In fact, many companies dedicated to work site wellness are reporting returns anywhere from $4 to $15 for every $1 invested. What’s more, research shows that stress reducing mind-body wellness programs rank among the most popular programs with employees today.  The reason is simple; Workers know they are stressed! In a recent Gallop poll, 80 percent of employees reported feeling stress on the job. Of that 80 percent, 49 percent admitted to needing some help in managing their stress. Unity’s Stress Reduction Programs provide the help they are asking for.  We know stress is one of the highest cost drivers in healthcare; and we have responded by developing programs that have a lasting effect on your employee’s health while reducing your health care costs. Our Mindfulness at Work Programs explore mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress, increase awareness, optimize IQ and brain function and help employees live and work more skillfully. Unity’s customized Pain and Health Management Programs are offered to employees who struggle with pain, illness and disease. Our ergonomic programs keep employees safe from repetitive strain injuries and micro traumas caused by excessive and improper usage or set up of computers and other input devices at their workstations. Lastly, we have focused curriculum modules on Mindfulness in Education for schools and correctional institutions. Teachers and administrators know working in education can be quite demanding. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that empowers educators, administrators, parents, and students to navigate and reduce stress.  Over 25 years of scientific research shows that this technique boosts the immune system, lowers anxiety, and saves time – all while making practitioners happier.

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