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Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Programs

Reduce stress and transform your health

Our programs focus on reducing stress and transforming the physical, mental and emotional health of employees while bringing the mind, body and spirit back into unified balance. Programs include mind-body-spirit practices and mindfulness-based cognitive work combined with useful stress reduction tips and tools to identify and remove barriers that keep us from complete wellness. We also focus on reducing anxiety and teach you how to manage it so it doesn’t manage you.

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Mindfulness For Leaders

Overview: This day seminar is an abbreviated version of the world-renowned, experiential Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction (MBSR) program developed and popularized by Jon Kabit-Zinn at UMASS Medical School. It is shortened into a day seminar to accommodate the schedule of a busy professional and focuses on mindfulness as a leadership strategy in the workplace. Learning and fostering mindfulness in the workplace leads to heightened awareness, strengthened communications and better team collaboration. A leader who is mindful is living in a state of awareness and drawing on the intelligence and talents of their complete, authentic self. This creates empowering actionable change. Perfect session for motivated leaders who want to bring enhanced leadership skills and positive energy to their work environment.

Duration options: 8 hours or two, 4-hour sessions scheduled no longer than one week a part.

Participants Learn:

  • Brief introduction on scientific research data and benefits of mindfulness practices
  • Guided, silent and dynamic meditation practices as well as tips and tools for incorporating mindfulness at work
  • How to use mindfulness to better manage common workplace conflicts with emotional intelligence and leadership intuition
  • How to use mindfulness to fine-tune interpersonal communications and enhance team collaboration
  • How to effectively regulate mind and emotions and access powerful inner resources to effectively cope with work stress and other daily difficulties

Stress Resiliency – Brain Fitness Boot Camp

Introducing Unity’s New Wellness Program Using Revolutionary Discoveries of Neuroscience!
Help your employees become ultra resilient to stress while they also enhance their brain fitness in this half day physical-mental training seminar! This cutting-edge program is based on the latest revolutionary and proven neuroscience discoveries.

Seminar uses combination of effective and easy to follow mediation, psychology and nutrition practices to achieve profound and immediate results that:

  • Change structure of brain and alter what is viewed as a stressful event
  • Eliminate negative thoughts, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Strengthen neural circuits to be more calm, focused and productive
  • Rewire neural circuits to generate inner happiness and peace of mind
  • Provide brain-technology transformational tips using nutrition, psychology and meditation

Individual Stress Resiliency Profile

Help employees understand and alter their relationship with stress. Results collated, reviewed and presented by neuroscientist! 

Help your employees unleash their individual potential by understanding their brain’s relationship with stress. Chronic stress wreaks havoc on the body and brain deterring health, brain fitness and life joy. The Stress Resiliency profile questionnaire provide your employees with a simple yet groundbreaking approach on how to strengthen parts of brain to become more resilient to stress. Includes follow up group or individual session for a neuroscience understanding of the results and recommendations.

Stress Less Health Events

A Stress Less Health Event is a perfect way to boost office morale and generate excitement about Wellness programs at the same time! Event activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • One-on-one assessments of stress personality types, conducted by qualified stress counselors
  • Stress Less office giveaways
  • Healthy snack stations
  • On-site yoga and meditation classes
  • Feng shui office makeovers
  • On-site chair massage and reflexology recliners

Stress Less Seminars and Learning Lunches

Our Stress Less Seminars are tension-dissolving office-pleasers. These informative sessions show employees how to recognize and reduce stress symptoms in their life and at work. Sessions can be shortened for a Learning Lunch crowd or expanded to include additional modules of yoga, meditation and/or stress personality assessments. The stress assessment module helps employees understand and conquer their specific stress-inducing behaviors and situations.

Duration options: One-hour, two-hour or 2 two-hour sessions scheduled no longer than one week apart.

Participants learn:

  • How stress impacts the body
  • How to reduce stress at work and in life
  • A variety of stress-reducing tips, tools and daily exercises that are easy to remember and perform
  • About their personal stress personality and how to modify behavioral and environmental factors in order to be more productive, happy and healthy (optional module)
  • Specific yoga, mediation and breathing exercises that help deter the negative effects of stress (optional module)

Stress Less With Yoga Seminar

Our Stress Less with Yoga Seminar helps employees reduce stress, restore energy and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. It introduces yoga as a practical tool for stress reduction and teaches employees how to achieve more peace of mind while living in a chaotic world.  A combination of yoga postures, breath work (Pranayama) and meditation is used to release physical and emotional stress. The 6-to-8 week on-site Weekly Yoga Class Pass is also recommended to encourage ongoing practice to achieve maximum health benefits.
Duration options: Two-hour, four-hour or 2 two-hour sessions scheduled no longer than one week apart.

Participants learn:

  • A brief history of yoga and how yoga can enhance health and well-being
  • A series of postures that release stress in areas of the body that commonly are affected
  • Breathing exercises that calm the mind and increase focus
  • How to initiate a relaxation response and rejuvenate during short work breaks or at lunchtime

On-Site Weekly Yoga Program – 8 Week Class Pass

Give your employees the gift of yoga at the office and watch them respond first with smiles and appreciation followed by enhanced health and well-being. This on-site, hands-on program introduces the building blocks of yoga postures (asana) and deep breathing (pranayama) to those interested in beginning a regular yoga practice. There is an emphasis on postures that release tension and rejuvenate energy. All classes include an inspirational weekly yoga theme/philosophy. Classes can be employee-paid, company-paid or company-subsidized. Classes can serve a wide range of employees through the use of props and modifications or be tailored to specific health and fitness level.

Duration: Weekly one-hour classes are held for 8 weeks.

Stress Less With Meditation Workshop

Our Stress Less With Meditation Workshop is a must for anyone who leads a life of constant multitasking. Multitasking often leaves the brain cluttered and unable to focus. It is what makes us feel overwhelmed. This seminar helps employees quiet their minds, reduce stress and enhance mental clarity. Meditation is a simple technique anyone can learn. The benefits of teaching the mind to be still and quiet for even five to 10 minutes a day are exponential and immediately noticeable. The 6 to 8 week on-site Weekly Meditation Class Pass is also recommended to encourage ongoing practice to achieve maximum health benefits.

Duration options: Two-hour, four-hour or two, 2-hour sessions scheduled no longer than one week  part.

On-Site Weekly Meditation Program – 8 Week Class Pass

Learning to quiet the mind is the antidote to stress and anxiety. Meditation has not only been linked to enhanced health and mental clarity, but also to brain fitness and cognitive enhancement. It is also a skill that is learned over time, making our On-Site Weekly Class Pass program a perfect wellness program solution. At the end of this program, individuals have learned and practiced ways to calm the mind and reduce stress. They have also established a regular practice they can use again and again to optimize their well-being. Many companies notice profound changes in work culture and workforce and go as far to designate meditation rooms for their employees. Classes can be employee-paid, company-paid or company subsidized.

Duration: Weekly one-hour classes are held for 8 weeks.

Desktop Yoga Seminar

This session is perfect for super-busy professionals who rarely leaves their desks. It delivers a variety of quick, easy-to-remember stretching exercises that dissolve tension in areas of the body caused by too much sitting and computer work. The session also includes breathing exercises to reenergize and enhance mental focus and productivity. It can be expanded to demo and review Unity’s online library of classes or desktop yoga software that can be accessed anytime at employees’ desks. Subscription to Unity’s streaming video partner web site, My Yoga Online, is also recommended to encourage ongoing practice and achieve maximum health benefits.

Duration options: Ninety minutes or two hours; free online demo can also be schedule in separate group sessions of 30 minutes.

Participants learn:

  • How yoga can enhance health and well-being
  • Stretching exercises for common aches and pains related to busy work life
  • Breathing exercises to reduce stress, tension and fatigue
  • How to set a positive intention for the workday and/or to clear the mind before a meeting
  • About of all benefits and features of My Yoga online (optional expanded module)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) At Work – 8-Week Course

This is a world-renowned, experiential program developed and popularized by Jon Kabat-Zinn at UMass Medical School. The stress reducing benefits of this program are backed by over 25 years of scientific research. MBSR programs offer a powerful, integrated approach to working with daily physical, emotional and psychological stress. This course content is tailored with the common stressors of the workplace in mind. Many professionals who have taken this course consider it a life-changing event. Light homework and daily mindfulness exercises are necessary for maximum results. Course materials are included in course fee.

Duration: This is a course that meets two hours a week for 8 weeks.

Participants learn:

  • To work with the conscious mind and stay alert, focused and centered on a daily basis
  • Guided, silent and dynamic meditation practices as well as tips and tools for incorporating mindfulness exercises into work and other daily activities
  • How to calm the nervous system and cultivate mindfulness and awareness
  • Effectively regulate mind and emotions and access powerful inner resources to effectively cope with work stress and other daily difficulties

Our Stress Reduction Intervention Promotion

Provides both stress and budget relief
If you are a company dedicated to wellness and want to offer open enrollment of our programs at your organization, we can help simplify the details. If you commit to at least three of our wellness programs, you can qualify for the Stress Reduction Intervention Promotion upgrade and discounts which include:

  • Free open enrollment presentation(s) to your organization on all the programs we offer and the purpose and benefits of each. One-on-one enrollment coordinated and automated by Unity staff, or distribution of paper-based or online web surveys for employees to self select programs based on their level of interest
  • 10% discounted rates on programs
  • Free Stress Reduction Learning Lunch or On-Site Yoga Demo Class
  • Local publicity support in your company and community to generate positive buzz and build goodwill
  • Discounted trial usage on our hi-def streaming video web site featuring hundreds of yoga, meditation and workplace wellness classes that employees can access anytime at the office or at home

Desktop Yoga – Online Subscription

Desktop YogaWe know that the demands of daily life often interfere with our intention to take care of our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Eventually, our health is compromised. A subscription to Unity’s partner web site, My Yoga Online, is a cost-effective and easy solution to the time-constraint challenges we experience in life. My Yoga Online allows your workforce a way to incorporate wellness into their daily life anytime, anywhere in a convenient and enjoyable way. Access to hundreds of HD streaming videos of classes, exercises, meditations and wellness tutorials are available to fit the individual needs and interests of a wide range of employees. Brief meditations, stretching and breathing exercises geared toward the working professional are offered for a quick refresher between meetings or to increase energy and focus before a big task. This subscription program is a perfect addition to any yoga or meditation seminar to encourage ongoing practice, reinforce and change behavior and achieve maximum health benefits. Annual corporate discount rates are available.

Subscription highlights include:

  • Unlimited access to hundreds of full-screen, HD streaming video classes, exercises and tutorials
  • In-depth wellness, health, nutrition and yoga articles and information
  • Customized videos and tutorials on how to decrease both symptom-specific and general aches and pains related to modern living and too much computer usage
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of meditation, guided imagery and breathing exercises to help working professionals, focus, refresh, destress and more
  • Access to health and wellness blogs and other online communities

Laughter Yoga

Deep down we all know that laughter really is life’s best medicine. Bring this infectious global phenomenon of laughter yoga to your workplace and watch stress levels plummet. This workshop or class combines principles of yoga with simple and playful “exercises” that promote laughter. This class will melt away stress, elevate your mood, boost your immune system and invite more joy & happiness into your life. Workshop or weekly class formats available to suit schedule and budget.

Systematic Stress Management Programs

The best most comprehensive stress management program with 7 modules that address the most common reasons for stress and comprehensive and effective ways to address them. Can be broken up into 1-2 hours seminars or offered as one day comprehensive. This course will change how you view and handle stress.

Stress is a Choice

10 Rules to simplify your life. You are the creator of the world you live in. Choose to be less stressed. Seminar based on new book by David Zerfoss.

Cartoons Interactive Emails – Stress Management Options

Lighthearted 90 second interactive email on stress management and resiliency.

Dealing With Difficult Customers

Using insights from research in emotional intelligence, this 3 hour training will teach skills to help satisfy difficult customers. In this workshop we will explore:

• Meeting both the practical and emotional needs of our customers.

• Recognizing emotional messages in others and within ourselves.

• Using Active Listening and the LEAP strategy to defuse conflict situations and turn angry customers into happy loyal customers.


Online Wellness Challenge – Family Balance

Have employees take online wellness challenge built in with social networking and media technologies designed to help people achieve a permanent lifestyle.

Features Include:

• Challenges between offices, teams and individuals

• Trackers for steps, fitness weight and behavior

• Motivational weekly health tips

• Social networking

• Greeting cards to motivate employees

• Easily tracks incentives

• Powerful reporting capabilities

• USB pedometers and paper options to engage those without computers

The Advantages of Optimism—Change your thinking and win at work, love, and health!

Optimists live longer, healthier, more successful lives – their marriages thrive, they get better grades in school, and they earn higher incomes! The good news is that optimism can be developed. By the end of this program you’ll learn how to:

• Change your internal dialogue from negative to positive

• Create a better “explanatory style” for failure and mistakes

• Move from an “I give up” habit to an “I can do it” habit


Shoulds vs. Wants – Life Balance Workshop

High stress levels are often associated with burn out. Burn out can happen when our shoulds overpower our wants. Achieving a balance between our shoulds and wants is an important part of stress reduction. This workshop will help you identify how you can have a busy life and still enjoy yourself!

Stress & Mindfulness Programs

Duration options: All topics as one 7 hour program or individual 60 to 90 min seminars.

Understanding Stress​
You can’t fix it if you don’t understand where it comes from. This seminar helps you define and understand your stress and provides stress reduction strategies that work.​

Stress Less With Better Time Management​
Learn to better manage stress by better managing your time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people get so much more out of it than others. Good time management is the reason. Using time effectively involves making choices that produce positive results and reduce stress. ​

Thought Control Technique Seminar – Stress Less by Changing Your Thoughts!​
Attending this one hour seminar could help diminish your relationship with stress immediately. How we choose to think about something directly correlates with the stress we feel from a situation. Thought control techniques are a necessary skill that allow you to alter your perception of a particular situation at any given moment. By modifying our self-talk we have the ability to quickly recover from stress.​

Work Stress Test Assessment ​
Be enlightened on what stresses you out at work and how to fix it in this fun, interactive helpful workshop.​

Stress Less with Better Communication
Listening and being assertive are two communication skills that reduce stress. When we are misunderstood due to a listening error, stress is the end result. When we are not able to communicate our views in a direct, assertive way this also causes stress and frustration. This seminar focuses on fine tuning these skills to build solid communication patterns and reduce unnecessary stress in your life. ​

Relaxation Techniques
Escape for an hour from the fast pace of life and pick up some scientifically tested techniques and tools to manage and minimize stress in your life. In this powerful and experiential seminar you will learn how to activate the relaxation response and feel immediate benefits of techniques like progressive relaxation, mental imagery and deep breathing.​

Thought Control Workshop​
Banish bad thinking and diminish your stress immediately by changing your personal self talk and thoughts. ​

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