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Why Choose Unity Wellness Group?

Our programs deliver many health and cost-saving benefits

Free With Enrollment in 2 or More Programs!
We know your wellness programs compete for limited dollars. And with so many program options and so few dollars it is challenging to devise a strategy that will work best. We can help.

We can help you prepare recommendations to your Wellness committee or management team with our Power of Mind-Body Wellness Programs and Why Unity Wellness? power point slides. You can download these from our web site, or call us for a free consultation. Our program director will work with you to help define goals, survey your work population about needs and interests and share best practices to ensure a successful wellness program. We can also assist you with the development and promotion of your wellness campaign. An effective employee awareness campaign will generate excitement and participation. Online webinars are available to bring wellness to your employees where they work.

Why Unity?

  • The benefits of our mind/body programs are practice-proven and deliver health, stress reduction and cognitive benefits
  • Employees are stressed, with many listing work as one of the main sources of stress. Our programs are extremely effective at stress reduction
  • Medical research confirms chronic stress leads to illness and a weakened immune system, which leads to absenteeism and presenteeism, both costly expenses for organizations. We can help
  • Surveys rank mindfulness as one of the most popular wellness programs among employees. The more interest, the better the participation
  • We can optimize your work culture. Often, when the stress cycle is stopped, the relationship between employer and employee strengthens. Employees feel better, work more productively and enjoy life and their jobs more
  • At Unity, we realize health optimization is not a singular event. Our programs are built to reinforce long-term change with ongoing program modules that fit your budget
  • We bring you the best in mind-body programs with a focus on program management, measurement and change. As your partner, we add value to the entire process
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