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About Unity Wellness Group

Mission statement

Unity Wellness Group is a boutique wellness company that is innovative, caring and devoted to helping companies and schools value and optimize their human capital and student potential. We provide effective and enjoyable wellness programs that reduce  stress and enhance health status and work performance while contributing to overall corporate profitability. We view ourselves as key partners with our customers and aim to customize our programs for maximum impact. Our tagline is Wellness Programs for the Enlightened Business because we believe that the organizations that thrive long term are those that understand that their number one asset is their employees. We aim to provide wellness programs with measurable business goals in mind, an innovative spirit and whenever appropriate a sense of humor.

UNITY… We are our name

Unity is the core concept behind the selection of our name. Similarly, our boutique business model and programs aim to bring together and Unite as a theme:

  • Offer programs that unite body, mind, and spirit bringing self and health into complete balance
  • Unite and strengthen the value exchange between employers, employees, students and co-workers. These relationships are often strained during times of high stress
  • Connect and unite with each participant in our program
  • Unite and bring together teacher talent that are certified to address specific health issues that deter wellness at work—and in life

You can reach us at 310 594-7946

You can email us here. . .

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