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Mindfulness in Education

Intro to Mindfulness in Education: A Path to Self-Care & Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is a universal, secular muscle that promotes self-care. Attendees will create custom exercises for stress-reduction. This is a great foundation for ultimately teaching it to students.

Improving School Culture: The Power of Mindful Communication

Mindfulness helps us become better listeners and choose our words with compassion – before we put them out into the world. This fosters a positive school environment.

Attention Over Detention: Using Mindfulness to Transform Detention

Help behaviorally at-risk students re-frame their thoughts in positive ways. This results in greater reflection, rather than reaction, and reduces the need for punitive disciplinary action.

Mindful Test-Taking Skills: Decreasing Anxiety and Improving Performance

Testing is part of every student’s life – and so is the anxiety that accompanies it. This module shows educators how to mindfully increase content retention and self-care.

Practical Solutions for Mindful Classroom Management

Integrate mindfulness into the fabric of your school culture. This results in student engagement & decreased punitive classroom management.

​ Playing Attention: How to Teach Students Fun Approaches to Mindfulness

Innovate fun ways of teaching mindfulness so that students will be more likely to practice. Topics include gamification, design thinking, and other solutions.

The Mindful Use of Technology

​Rather than distract from the present, technology can be used to to harness organization, focus, and retention. This workshop shows us how.​

Mindfulness & Bullying Reduction

Over 70% of students nationwide suffer from bullying. Learn mindful best practices for reducing it in your school and restoring camaraderie.

Building Mindfulness into K-12 Curricula, Including STEM​

The word “curriculum” comes from the root for “heart.” Learn to integrate mindfulness into any STEM or humanities subject and boost engagement.

Stress Less Freshman Boot Camp For Students

This course is designed for teens transitioning into high school who are looking to effectively deal with the stress of everyday life. This program will allow students to move from feeling powerless to powerful by cultivating stress management skills and mindful awareness techniques to live in the present. The program provides a combination of lecture, class exercises and stress management and mindfulness practice.

Stress Reduction Mindfulness Leadership Academy for AP Students

This course is designed for advanced placement teens looking to effectively deal with the stress of everyday life and optimize their awareness and performance at the same time. The program provides a combination of lectures, class exercises and stress management and mindfulness practices. The leadership component of this program focuses on ways to: optimize time management skills; enhance listening and assertive and communication skills; optimize school performance and focus and minimize stress.

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