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Cognitive Enhancement and Thought Leadership Programs

Learn to be present and work more skillfully

These programs teach managers and creative professionals how to be in the present moment and live and work more skillfully. We show people how to get in the “flow” state. By working with mindfulness and the conscious mind, you can learn to modify reactionary behaviors that hold you back from communicating effectively, generating ideas and becoming a more focused, intuitive leader.  Meditation practices and mindfulness-based cognitive exercises show you how to push past old unproductive behaviors and find ways to stay completely present, aware and calm in emotionally charged work situations.

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Meditation for Cognitive Enhancement, Productivity and Creativity

Overview: This seminar is a must for anyone who wants to use meditation to optimize their mental capacity and be more present in their job and in life. A cluttered mind lacks the spaciousness needed for creativity and problem solving. It can also keep you stuck in unproductive work patterns unable to access your talents.  Meditation is the antidote to being stuck in this mind-cluttering state. Scientific research has shown that meditating for just 5 to 10 minutes a day has a profound effect on the brain. This is the perfect Wellness session for professionals who feel their creativity or productivity has been drained by constant multitasking, deadlines and the information overload of work process and procedures.

Duration options: 2 hour, 4 hours or two, 2-hour sessions scheduled no longer than one week a part.

Participants Learn:

  • Brief introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness
  • How to work with the conscious mind and stay alert, focused and centered on a daily basis
  • Systematic ways to access you inner intelligence and the creative mind for idea generation and creative breakthroughs
  • Breathing and meditation exercises to help reduce mental fatigue and access the creative mind
  • How to set a positive intention for the workday or clear the mind before a meeting or project
  • How to build creative resilience and mental clarity when working with tight deadlines and other environmental factors that stifle creativity and clutter the mind

Emotional Intelligence (EI) For Leaders

Overview: Ever feel like you could be a better leader or have more synergy with colleagues and employees? Ever recognize you need to better manage your emotions and reactions in times of stress? Or, do you have a very intelligent management team that has a hard time managing people and being a natural leader that motivates others? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you should consider Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Leaders Seminar. EI is the non-cognitive abilities that help people adapt and succeed in all aspects of life. EI plays a larger role than cognitive intelligence in determining success in life and in the workplace – especially when leading and motivating others. A leader with high emotional intelligence and mindfulness is what separates average managers from the first-rate performers. Take your orginizations leadership to the next level.

Duration options: Half day seminar; full day seminar or two, 4-hour sessions scheduled no longer than one week a part.

Participants Learn:

  • What is EI?
  • How to use EI to be a more effective leader?
  • How to identify personal triggers that sabotage success and better manage reactions more effectively
  • Practical tools for changing unsatisfactory behaviors. How to maximize human engagements and connect with workforce
  • Motivate and lead others with compassion, grace and class.
  • How to be emotionally available and stable in times of stress and challenge

The Golden Rule – Treating each other as a valued customer.

Exceptional customer service is rare. If you can create an atmosphere of outstanding service, your business will prosper.

By the end of this program you’ll know:

• The positive cumulative benefits of maintaining loyal customers.

• Two basic customer needs and how to meet them.

• Two types of dissatisfied customers and how to recognize them.

• A proven technique for dissolving customer anger.


Dealing With Difficult Customers

Using insights from research in emotional intelligence, this 3 hour training will teach skills to help satisfy difficult customers. In this workshop we will explore:

• Meeting both the practical and emotional needs of our customers.

• Recognizing emotional messages in others and within ourselves.

• Using Active Listening and the LEAP strategy to defuse conflict situations and turn angry customers into happy loyal customers.


Fearless Dynamic Speaking

This fun, interactive workshop will transform the way you see speaking to a group. Learn to harness your natural abilities and style. You can excel and enjoy public speaking!

• Changing nervousness into an energized presentation

• Organizing your ideas

• Creating a powerful, charismatic presence

• Developing a voice with authority

• Discovering how to use PowerPoint to engage audiences

• Using storytelling and narrative to make your presentations come alive

• Eliminating vocal fillers

• Learning to deliver content without memorizing

This program can be customized “For Women Only.”

The Advantages of Optimism—Change your thinking and win at work, love, and health!

Optimists live longer, healthier, more successful lives – their marriages thrive, they get better grades in school, and they earn higher incomes! The good news is that optimism can be developed. By the end of this program you’ll learn how to:

• Change your internal dialogue from negative to positive

• Create a better “explanatory style” for failure and mistakes

• Move from an “I give up” habit to an “I can do it” habit


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